Riva 82 Diva Review: Prima Donna of Yachting

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We wouldn’t be wrong to declare Riva the most precious nautical brand, so every new model from Italian manufacturers deserves special attention – and even more so when it introduces several significant changes

Exploring the Sporty Exterior of Riva 82 Diva

The fresh style features of the new Diva are easiest to spot from the outside, because the new model looks like one of the modern crossovers, with side balconies and a large beach club, the logical continuation of which is the cockpit, separated from the aft platform by a glass wall. On the other hand, the new Riva has a very sporty, masculine silhouette reminiscent of sports cars of the 20th century, the most prominent detail of which is the stainless steel grill that covers the engine exhausts. The model also has a large top bridge with a hard cover, which doesn’t impact her sporty appearance, but is masterfully integrated into the silhouette.

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When we first saw Riva 82 Diva moored in Cannes, we immediately noticed stern side opening, one of the freshest trends in yacht design, which significantly increases the surface of the sunbathing area. The stern platform lies very close to the sea, which enhances the ‘beach feeling’ on that part of the yacht.

Riva 82 Diva side view
Riva 82 Diva joins the sumptuous range of flybridges – including huge successes like the Riva 90 Argo, Riva 110 Dolcevita and Riva 130 Bellissima

Right next to the platform, there’s a garage, large enough for a 3.95-meter long jet-tender and hides it completely, both from view and from wear and tear. On it, there is a large sundeck separating the stern from the cockpit. In the cockpit, there is a lacquered mahogany folding table engraved with the Riva logo, and two longitudinal benches seating three people on each side.

The cockpit is neither visually nor conceptually separated from the aft platform, but seems to stretch towards the sea. The black glass that separates cockpit from the salon has a mirrored black layer enhancing the glazing of the surroundings, while the passages also have dark glass surfaces that allow maximum visibility from the cockpit.

The docking controls are hidden at the end of the left side passage, while on the right side there is a small sink that is handy for washing hands after mooring.

Riva 82 Diva aft platform
Down on the main deck is the boat’s main attraction, the spacious stern beach club characterised by two large bulwarks that swing down to create lateral terraces

Sail aboard a Riva yacht and discover the beauty of Croatia’s idyllic coastline

Luxury yacht Riva 85 ‘888’ running view

Riva 85 ‘888’

Riva 85 ‘888’ has impressive and spacious outdoor & entertainment facilities making her the ideal yacht for family and friends!

Riva Diva sunbathing area
The outdoor areas are undoubtedly the key focus of Riva yacht, designed to put guests in close contact with the sea

The passage leading to the bow is protected by a tall gray railing that reaches hip level, and is see-through in the middle. There is an additional U-shaped seat on the bow, while the tip of the bow is equipped for anchoring.

The fly bridge stretches over 40 sqm and is extremely carefully appointed, with two large chaise longues aft, two chairs in front of them, and a large bar served by a long bench mid-bridge. In front of the helm, there is a large sunpad for up to four guests, protected by a hard top with a see-through central part. The helm station is on the left, equipped with two Simrad screens and cameras.

Riva Diva flybridge
Diva flybridge has its own dedicated space: the lounge with dinette and bar in the centre, protected by a carbon fibre hard top with glass panels

A Closer Look Inside: The Elegant Interior of Riva 82 Diva

Upon entering the main deck, we were pleasantly surprised by the layout and organization of the space. In the salon, on the left side, there are one freestanding armchair, one L-shaped sofa and a small lacquered mahogany table, while the TV is on the right. The refrigerator and a small bar are installed in the right side.

Riva 82 Diva interior, salon

Riva 82 Diva interior, dining ara
In the saloon, the cockpit-level living space precedes the panoramic dining area, which is raised to mark out the settings visually without actually separating them

Full-height windows in the salon allow daylight to seep in, while the dining room is separated and elevated, accessible from the salon via two stairs. Those stairs also enlarge height below deck, where the cabins are.

The most interesting point of the main deck is the galley, positioned right next to the helm, and boasting access to the deck on both sides, as well as a stove with a hood on the left side. The galley and the helm are separated from the dining room by a elevating glass partition incorporating a small bar, a solution that is as practical as it is elegant.

The stairs on the right side of the salon lead below deck, there are four cabins: twin cabins to the left and to the right, the VIP cabin in the bow, and the master cabin aft. All the cabins are beautifully appointed, with elegant white paneled walls and floors complementing mirrored and lacquered surfaces of the contrasting dark wooden furniture.

Many details, sophisticated materials and fabrics, as well as delicate style make this new Riva the perfect example of the brand’s visual DNA, leaning heavily on elegance and charm.

Elegant master bedroom
The lower deck has 4 cabins – 3 guest cabins with ensuite bathroom and the full-beam owner’s cabin aft – accommodating up to 8 guests

Smooth Cruising: Riva 82 Diva’s Performance on Water

On our test, the new model proved to be easy to maneuver, and we spent a truly enjoyable morning in the sunny waters of Cannes, chatting with the skipper, who was the one to bring the new unit from La Spezia to the Cannes boat show. He cruised peacefully at 24 knots, with a consumption of 570 liters per hour, with a full 6,000-liter fuel tank.

Riva 82 Diva aerial view
With an overall length of more than 25 meters and a maximum beam of over 6 meters, the agile beauty of Riva 82 Diva is simply unique

While cruising at 22 knots and 2000 rpm, consumption fell down to 490 liters, so we can roughly estimate the average fuel consumption at about 20 liters per mile. With 12 people on board, we achieved a maximum speed of 28 knots, but with – instead of the standard 2 x 1800 MAN V12 engines – the 1900-hp option, the speed easily exceeds 30 knots.

Our unit was equipped with a gyro stabilizer and fins, which helped make our cruise serene and calm. Built for the American market, the new Riva is equipped with a supertropical air condition system, as well as a more powerful 27 kW generator (standard is 17 kW). Finally, the last new feature is the ‘daily’ fuel tank, installed in the engine, room with a capacity of 2,500 liters.

Riva 82 Diva specifications
LOA: 25,29 m
Beam: 6,08 m
Fuel tank: 6400 l
Water tank: 1100 l
Engines: 2 x MAN V12 1800 hp (1900 hp)
Maximum speed: 29 / 31 knots
Cruising speed: 24 knots
Builder: Riva Yacht
Dealer: MennYacht

Text Darko Šupuk

Photos & video Riva

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