Arcadia A105

by Yachts Croatia

The new Arcadia attracts the eye with her sharp futuristic lines and her gray-on-gray hull with a decorative thin green line

At Arcadia shipyard, there is nothing more important that listening to the client. Every new unit is built to order, no matter how unique and out of the ordinary the order might be. There are designers who believe the client rarely knows what they want – and when they do, it’s too weird to be liked by anyone but them – Arcadia A105 proves them wrong. The model that debuted last year at the Cannes yacht salon is an evolution of the older model Arcadia A100 – another Cannes premiere, one that we also tested during the salon – and copies the successful predecessor in every relevant way, but takes everything a notch higher. There are still the sharp, futuristic lines we’ve come to like on the A100, as is the central command post that gives it a somewhat military look – more precisely, the look of a top part of a submarine. Arcadia A105 attracts the eye even when standing moored to much larger or more expensive yachts. Her mighty hull is painted in two shades of gray and looks serious with the thin Arcadia-green line floating just above the water.

The aft sun lounge is generously sized – 35 square meters – and furnished with sun beds, sofas and tables

Just like Arcadia A100, the new model has flowing spaces, exteriors that blend into interiors, and large glass panels that connect or divide the two. For all those that see yachting as one long outdoor trip, Arcadia A105 is the perfect choice, as almost every part of the yacht opens toward the great blue outside. The upper deck is made of a sheltered skylounge and the open sunlounge. Thanks to the up & down windows the skylounge is also convertible in an open area still sheltered by the roof. The aft sun lounge stretches over 36 sq.m., luring with its sun beds, sofas and tables. Main deck aft, there is another similarly furnished exterior salon, right next to a top-protected dining room with glass walls that again allow closing if necessary. The interior on Arcadia A105, hull #2 is just as sharp and futuristic as is the exterior, contrasting colors, and centrally placed furniture to maximize space and allow for easier flow. We emphasize this as interiors on the hull #3 are completely different than this one, a fact that perfectly fits into the brand’s philosophy.

The interior matches the exterior in style: decisive lines, contrasting colors and smartly placed pieces of furniture

The centrally placed main deck salon whose sides open into terraces stretching toward the sea are simply stunning. The main deck bow is fully encircled in tinted glass panels, and it is up to the owner to decide whether that space is best used as another salon, the owner’s cabin or a game room. The roof above this space is covered in solar panels – 51 square meters of panels providing enough electricity to power most of the systems while batteries are being recharged. Below deck, Arcadia A105 has enough space for four or five cabins. The owner’s cabin can be on the main deck (in the bow) or in the lower deck. In this case, its access is guaranteed via a private staircase and there is still enough room for three crew cabins in the bow. All the guests cabin interiors are black and white, glossy and sharp. Interesting if for nothing else, but for the 65 square meters of exterior – fully open or protected by tops – Arcadia A105 is a model that offers luxury, comfort and daring design that together create a competition-annihilating experience, and is perfect for stylish owners whose yachting goal is cozy cruising on a head-turning luxury yacht.


LOA: 31,57 m
Beam: 7,76 m
Draft: 2,01 m
Engines: 2 x MAN V8 1000 HP
Displacement: 134 t
Maximum speed: 17 knots
Fuel capacity: 15.600 l
Water capacity: 3100 l
Interior designer: Hot Lab
Exterior designer: Arcadia Yachts
Builder: Arcadia Yachts

Photos & Video by Arcadia Yachts

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