Arcadia Yachts: Joy of Sailing as One with Nature

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Since 2008, Arcadia has delivered close to 30 yachts, and is set to be one of the most prolific builders in this business, with ten units currently in various phases of build

Over the past decade Arcadia Yachts is increasingly the symbol of the nautical industry in the Capri and Sorrento area, with 47,000 square meters of facilities where artisans, modern technologies, attention to detail and the environment are perfectly integrated.

Arcadia Yachts range

Arcadia A115 Cruising 01
Arcadia Yachts A115

At Arcadia the owner is placed at the heart of the project which means that the design of the yacht begins considering the owner and how he intends to use the yacht, not starting from the shape of the hull. Ample open spaces let the owner to emerge himself in the marine environment: much longer than average aft-decks create a sensation of oneness between the yacht and the sea, a natural continuity of the vessel itself.

The full-height windows, the lateral openings and the innovative glass surfaces that appear and disappear like windows in an automobile, all combine to generate spaces with imperceptible borders between inside and out; enclosed spaces dissolve and are assimilated into the nature that surrounds them. Arcadia fleet is divided into three ranges.

The first and most typical range is Gamma A which respects the values of Arcadia Yachts and is made up of five models: A85, A85s, A100, A105 and the A115.

Arcadia is one of the most active shipyards on the international yachting stage

Unique characteristics of Sherpa

Gamma Sherpa with models Sherpa (60’) and Sherpa XL (80’) has unique characteristics with increasing space dedicated to conviviality, cruising range and below decks volume.

The entry into the world of steel-hulled vessels is Gamma FOR.TH, where FOR.TH. stands for Forward Thinking, a project aligned with Arcadia’s philosophy on yacht size, where ostentation often prevails over the simple pleasure of yachting – staying close to nature, with time and space to stay close to one’s family.

Contact with the surrounding environment is assured by the use of large glass surfaces and open transoms on both the main and upper decks. All exterior design solutions reflect the maximum in conviviality. Design philosophy for the proposed interiors is based on a refined and contemporary open floor plan, clearly citing modern real-estate design.

Last year Arcadia bought 21% of Marina di Torre Annunziata srl, a production site with a haulage and launching dock, which increased the area dedicated to production to over 47,000 square metres. In the same period, Arcadia reorganised the production layout, which now allows to have at the same time up to eight yachts in the hull-fitting phase and four in the lamination phase all at the same time.

Arcadia Yachts
The construction of the first Arcadia Sherpa XL is proceeding on schedule and the new yacht will be ready for Cannes Yachting Festival

The strategic choice is aimed at supporting an increase in the number of yachts under production and the after-sales services. ‘To increase production capacity, to develop larger products without altering the Arcadia DNA and to continue having a solid and direct relationship with our customers are the reasons behind this operation’, commented Ugo Pellegrino, Sole Director of Arcadia Yachts.

One of the most active shipyards

‘The orders taken, the ongoing negotiations and the enthusiasm recorded for the most recent models encourage me and the other shareholders to take on our entrepreneurial responsibilities and seize all the opportunities that arise – obviously assessing the related risks.’

Thanks to post-sales work, Arcadia has succeeded in establishing solid, continuous and direct relationships with captains and owners, to the point that over 25% of customers have become repeat customers over the years. ‘It was almost automatic for us to identify the acquisition of 21% of the Marina di Torre Annunziata as a fundamental option for the natural growth of our activities, in line with our principles and with what we have done so far,’ said Mr Pellegrino.

In 2019 Arcadia remains one of the most active shipyards on the international yachting stage. No fewer than ten hulls are currently under construction in the shipyard’s renovated production area for an overall value of more than forty million euro. There are currently two A85, two A105, one A115 and three Sherpa yachts under construction.

Arcadia Yachts 00
Sherpa XL – a high level of onboard services and a navigation that continues to promote eco-friendly behavior

Two Sherpa XL units are also being built, the first one right on time for its debut at 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. It is quite impressive that, despite this considerable line-up, the shipyard is using only 60% of its production capacity. ‘In less than 10 year’s activity, approximately 30 Arcadia Yachts vessels have been delivered to their owners’, declared Pellegrino.

‘We are proud of this result, which encourages us to do even better. Over the next few years, our organisation will concentrate on the new Range and on improved distribution capacity on the one hand, and on a new production strategy on the other. In addition to making the production site more efficient in terms of delivery times, the new strategy will also allow us to meet our owners’ customisation requests better and better.’

Photos by Arcadia

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