Azimut Grande 32

by Yachts Croatia

The latest model in the Azimut family is an excellent example of what happens when you decide that every part of the yacht is equally important – from the boldly designed exterior and fresh interiors, to the sturdy, trustworthy structure

Azimut Grande 32 – which stands for meters of length – has debuted last year in Cannes and Monaco, and confirmed the rumors launched before anybody had even seen it. The smaller, but improved version of the popular Azimut Grande 35 is as avant-garde as the builder promised. The most unique Azimut to date, the 32 is an amalgamation of all the good things anyone can imagine on an Azimut. As all new models of the Italian builder, this one is made in carbon fiber, and we all know what that means: smaller weight, higher speed, lots of volume (at its widest part, the 32 is 7,30 meters long). Carbon super-structure, carbon hull reinforcements, D2P hull with a wave-piercing bow – Azimut Grande 32 makes hearts go faster even on paper. Efficient fuel consumption in all sailing modes make it interesting to all of us conscious of the effect we have on the nature, and interesting speed – 10 to 12 knots for the wave-piercing effect, 21 knots for planing, top speed 27 knots – intrigue the racers among us, but the 32 has much more to offer than just numbers.

Azimut Grande

One will easily recognize new Azimut Grande yacht by her interior that is marked by soft lines and pastel colors

Impeccably organized layout and unique interiors signed by two legends – exterior is by Stefano Righini, interior by Achille Salvagni – are what sets this yacht apart in a crowd. Salvagni was awarded the interior of the year award for this model last year, and the moment you step aboard, you will understand why. Light pastel colors; soft, wavy shapes, wood and leather – the interior of Azimut Grande 32 is as relaxing as a seaside villa. There is no sharp line in sight, and even the light seeps through the space diffused and gentle, which all results in a space you will not want to leave. Salvagni designed every piece of furniture as well, so the 32 is his brainchild – or his soulchild – and if you like his previous work, you will love this model. The practical half of the Azimut designer duo, Stefano Righini, has made sure you can enjoy the space and sailing without having to worry about anything practical.

Azimut Grande

Large side windows in Master cabin remind on the modern villas; Beach club on the stern platform is yacht’s exclusive open space

Azimut Grande 32 is ready for whatever you feel like doing at sea: the lounge on the bow is large and comfortable, the fly deck stretches across 70 square meters, the beach club aft a real mini-beach, the tender and ski jet garage with side doors roomy enough for all the equipment you’ll ever need. From the outside, all this cozy comfort does look a little intimidating, mostly due to the size and shape of the windows, and the only thing the interior and the exterior have in common is modern elegance. The layout is simple, with the salon, the diner and the owner’s cabin on the main deck – all enjoying plenty of natural light that flows in gently through those aggressively looking windows worthy of a seaside villa. The staircase, another Salvagni-signed gem, is almost a work of art, but serves its purpose nonetheless, guiding below the deck, toward the four guest cabins.

Azimut Grande

Azimut Grande 32 is a step away from the traditional look and feel of Azimut models

The unit we tested had one of the cabins converted into a gym at the request of the owner. The engine room is between the decks, in front of the fly deck that is large enough to accommodate whatever space you want to set up there. The bow cockpit is very large, the size of a salon, and gives the fly deck a run for its money in terms of appeal. Unique in every aspect, Azimut Grande 32 is a step away from the traditional look and feel of Azimut models. Especially interesting to those who pay a lot of attention to interiors and style, the yacht has already been recognized for that very detail by several award committees – and the accolades are still coming in.


LOA: 32 m
Beam: 7,30 m
Draft: 1,92 m
Engines: 2 x 2200 KS HP MTU 16V 2000 M86
Maximum speed: 26,5 knots
Fuel capacity: 16.000 l
Water capacity: 2500 l
Exterior designer: Stefano Righini
Interior designer: Achille Salvagni Architetti
Builder: Azimut Yachts
Dealer: Navis Marine

Photos by Azimut

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