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morgan freeman Interviews

Morgan Freeman

The voice of reason For most decorated actors, home is not far away from the bright lights of Los Angeles or the buzzing streets of …

Mario Jelavic Portrait 01 Interviews

Mario Jelavić

Photography as a mirror image of life Various activities paired up with camera lens have enriched life of our photography driven virtuoso. His love for …

Klitschko brothers Interviews

Klitschko brothers

Down For the count For a decade the Klitschko brothers have dominated heavyweight boxing – but as interest in the sport continues to fall, thomas …

John Travolta Interviews

John Travolta: Hollywood’s highest flying star

An accomplished and credible aviator, film icon John Travolta is a globetrotter with a passion for aviation. With Yachts Croatia discusses about his contribution as …

Elon Musk Interviews

Elon Musk: The rocket man

Most sensible businessmen would have quit while they were ahead after building three multi-million dollar companies. But Elon Musk is not most businessmen. Following the …

Donald Trump Interviews

Donald J. Trump

The fox of Fifth avenue In a wide-ranging interview, serial entrepreneur Donald J Trump talks about his experiences in private aviation, yacht ownership, real estate …

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