Pershing 70 review: Lethal weapon


The release of Pershing 70 marks a turning point in the history of the iconic Italian boatyard. With its striking style, the 70′ enters a new era of design that should surely be replicated across the Pershing range. Not only is the 70′ stunning in the way she looks, but she’s fast too, as we are just about to find out…

I won’t lie; I’m fascinated by speed and to test drive a Pershing is always an exciting time. Here I am, on board the Pershing 70′, accompanied as usual, by Andrea Frabetti, director of engineering at AYTD (the Ferretti Group’s Advanced Yacht Technology & Design division) and the man who oversees Pershing’s engineering. If we have any questions or observations, Andrea is here to help out; it’s the perfect way of getting to know a boat quickly – if we need an instant answer, we’ve got it.

Pershing 70
Pershing 70 can reach a top speed of 46 knots

Walk around the Pershing 70

But before we head out, it must be said, that a walk around the boat reveals the 70′ has all the Pershing structural underpinnings that has made the brand such a success – a lineage that still remains at the forefront of quality. The smooth regularity of Pershing’s gel coat and the deep gloss of the clear lacquer (the 70′ has six layers of lacquer alone) that cover the hull are already known and respected in the boat-building community. Even after making an in-depth examination of the boat, it is difficult to see any lack of quality of note: everything on this boat fits beautifully.

The Ferretti Group is renowned for producing high quality craft and as far as works of art go, the Pershing would have to be almost perfect to dare comparison with boats such as Riva – but it can be compared – it is that good. Taking a serious look at the build quality, we notice everything is ideally designed so that any mechanical tinkering can be comfortably achieved. Maintenance will pose no problems on the 70′. Insulation was not skimped on by the shipyard either, and can be found in large quantities throughout the boat. We also noticed while looking around, that there was a lot less electrical cabling than on equivalent craft. Andrea explained that Pershing uses MOSFET technology based on sending information by transistors, which is power-efficient, reliable and quick.

Pershing 70 - cockpit
Décor of Pershing 70 is a familiar cocktail of restful shades, modern detailing, and contrasting tones and textures

Just like the rest of Pershing range, each area on board the 70′ is carefully thought out and designed to utilise space as best as possible. A perfect example is a small rear cabin designed to accommodate the Captain – its only fault is the very steep and narrow decent to the cockpit. The layout of the rear deck sets a benchmark in the category, with a comfortable sunpad for the all-important sun worship situated behind a large sofa.

A very open-feeling hardtop

The two small tables (which can be easily converted into one larger one) are electrically adjusted and a mini kitchenette finishes off the deck, not that you would know, as it can be completely hidden in a cabinet perfectly integrated into the 70’s structure. The essential difference on deck is the design of the two new lateral side arches. These provide better protection from the wind and offer a more secure protection when moving forward. Although already featured on older Pershing models, the 70’s retracting glass partition still amazes. At the touch of a button, the entire glass area sinks into the deck, leaving a huge, open living space.

Pershing 70 - helm
Pershing 70 helm station has a good view

The same goes for the awning above the sunpad, which can also retract if you want a little more sunburn. But, the show also continues inside the 70′, with the interior colourways really impressing with their warm tones. The dark oak flooring contrasts perfectly with the taupe leather sofas and the soft putty colours of the ceiling and furniture just add to the experience. Natural light is assured by the huge glass area, the substantial sunroof and of course the retractable partition, making the 70′ a very open-feeling hardtop.

Pershing 70 has reached a level of refinement, luxury and performance approaching perfection. In the world of performance hardtops, this Italian yacht is difficult to fault and even harder to beat

Directly under the sunroof is the helm, with its single leather Captain’s-seat flanked by the 70’s joysticks controllers. The displays are mounted high up in the dashboard, allowing easy and safe readings while under way. To port is the stairway down to the cabins, where Pershing have carefully arranged three doubles with bathrooms and kitchens, with the Owner occupying the full beam, central rear portion of the boat.

Pershing 70 - cabin
Pershing 70 full-beam master stateroom

Pershing has gone to great lengths to furnish the interior with a wealth of textures. A series of well thought out details like partitions structured in the form of waves and a glass partition that separates the kitchen without hiding its beautiful design, really add to the exclusive feel. Strips of stainless steel tubes, tiles mounted in series and strips of leather above the bed give the 70 the luxurious feel of a much larger yacht.

In the corridor, a Naviops screen provides information on most of the equipment on board and in similar style, the Ferretti Group’s AYTD Videoworks have developed a new system called VOTIS (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System), that controls the TV, temperature, light, curtains, etc. from an iPad. Every place aboard this boat is a delight to the eye even the kitchen furniture and appliances proudly stand out as visually stimulating.

Pershing 70 - stern
Pershing 70 – stern

So, the 70′ is stylish, luxurious and a pleasure to entertain on, but what is she like to drive? Pershing has always been at the forefront of power and performance; the boatyard’s list of muscular innovations is a long one and the 70′ benefits from years of research and development – plus a pair of rather large, German-built engines. Pershing uses two robust MTU 10V 2000 M94 turbo diesels. These put out a substantial 1623 hp each and are mated to a pair of Top System 85P surface drives, giving the Pershing a top speed of 46 knots. That’s a strong performance from this craft and we can verify that speed with 15 people on board, too.

Excellent handling characteristics

Equipped with bow and stern thrusters, the Pershing easily maneuvers out of her cramped Cannes bay and with one engine engaged to keep her under the speed limit, we slowly head out of the marina – straight into disappointment… The sea is flat, with hardly a ripple. We will have to use our own wake to test the capabilities of the hull. Despite its surface drives, the 70 gets on plane in less than 12 seconds, already reaching an indicated 20 knots. With such a calm sea, the experience was chilled; quiet even.

Pershing 70 - kitchen
Pershing 70 – kitchen

You have to push the throttles forward to 2000 rpm for the sensations become more alive. Now, the MTUs come on song with a more purposeful sound. The spray of water from the surface driven propellers climbs with the engine note and the electronic display reads 40 knots. The auto trim keeps us perfectly balanced and with the revs at 2450rpm, we’re topping out at an impressive 46 knots. Searching for some real waves, the hull shows excellent handling characteristics, mainly thanks to its 17∞ deadrise and excellent rigidity. While another journalist took the helm, we descend into the Owner’s cabin to check the sound levels.

While it would be difficult to sleep, the scrolling water on the big side windows is rather impressive. Andrea indicated that the material used for in their manufacture is actually stronger than the hull. Undeniably, the Pershing 70′ has reached a level of refinement, luxury and performance approaching perfection. In the world of performance hardtops, the Pershing 70′ is difficult to fault and even harder to beat.

Pershing 70 specifications

LOA: 21.44m Beam: 5m Draft: 1.35m
Fuel capacity: 3,500 l
Water: 900 l Displacement: 47.34 t
Engine: 2x MTU 10V2000 M94
Rated power: 2x 1,623hp
Maximum speed: 46-knots
Cruise speed: 40-knots
Range: 300 nM
Naval Architect: Fulvio De Simoni and AYT
Exterior and Interior Design: Fulvio De Simoni
Builder: Pershing (Mondolfo-Italy)

Photos & video Pershing Yacht

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