The New Generation of E-water Bikes

by Yachts Croatia

Red Shark E-Bikes

Designed with much more autonomy and a unique and only agility, Red Shark E-Bikes present the innovative E-Water Bike system with a powerful electric motor to reach your goal. This E-Bike allows you to enjoy a pleasant walk without getting tired thanks to its autonomy of up to seven hours. Two lateral stabilizers enable great stability and the user won’t have wet feet.

Red Shark E Bikes

Discover a new way to enjoy and practice cycling in a new environment

Thanks to its two arms you can fold it and store it in any garage. Its chassis adapts to all ages and the whole family will enjoy a pleasant riding sensation in the middle of rivers, lakes and seas, with fresh air and without risk or limitations. We present you a model which is an exclusivity of 2019.

Photos by Red Shark

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