Azimut 72 Review: Italian Beauty

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The choice of carbon fiber construction for superstructure including flybridge significantly reduced the weight of the Azimut 72, allowing the designers to increase her volume up to 30% in comparison with the previous model. Add modern style and excellent performances, and you get a real winner

Azimut 72 flybridge yacht

The latest Azimut flybridge yacht, one of the highlights of 2015, replaces their 70-feet model without really being its successor in terms of design. Completely redesigned and fundamentally different than previous model, Azimut 72 is modern in every way, starting with the construction.

This is a photography of Azimut 72 running
On our test the Azimut 72 reached 33 knots of speed, which was two more than what the yard stated officially

Azimut chose carbon fiber for the superstructure and the flybridge, which allowed reducing the overall weight of the laminate by 35%. This allowed the interior volume to increase, so living space profited most from this increase, and the designers used every additional inch of space optimally.  The construction is not the only part of this yacht designed anew – the style is fresh and unique, and the yacht deservedly was one of the most noticed in Cannes yacht show earlier this year.

Azimut builds the hull and the superstructure of the 72 in Avigliana near Turin, and assembles the ‘halfs’ in Savona. The oldest of all Azimut production halls, Avigliana is known for quality work, that is pointed by the shipyard. In order to transport the vessels to Savona for finishing – which takes mere ten days – Azimut needed to develop a special engineering system for this model. Built by infusion, the model is one of many Azimut builds in composite materials .

The yard has been using carbon fiber since 2008, but until now it has mostly been used for reinforcements, so this is the first ‘big part’ built in this way. Significant reduction in laminate weight opened various possibilities in terms of engineering, between which Azimut used to increase the surface of the flybridge, which now spans over 38 sq.m. (Azimut 70 had 32 sq.m. of space on the flybridge, while Azimut 80 has 41 sq.m.).

Azimut 72
The flybridge on the Azimut 72 has 38 square meters

It is safe to say Azimut is setting new standards in volume both on the exterior and inside, which is never more visible than in the main deck saloon, large and all on one level, surrounded by huge windows. Especially delightful detail are glass panels stretching top to bottom in the dining area, allowing the view to roam freely across the deck into the sea.

The aft part of the saloon is furnished with U-shaped sofas, with diner and galley adjacent and similar in style. The designers replaced small pointing lights with long stripes of LED lighting, which instantly made all the difference in the interiors. This and the color scheme make for a pleasant atmosphere similar to that of deluxe condos in trendy cities.

Azimut 72 layout

Azimut 72 is available in two basic versions – in light oak and dark ebony, or dark oak and sycamore – both equally attractive and modern. The helm is front and starboard, next to a small seating area (on port). The two oval seats fit in nicely into the overall design scheme.
This is a photography of Azimut 72 dinning area

Azimut 72
The elegance of the interior harmoniously complements the aesthetics of the exterior

Although the Azimut 72 is a comfortably sized yacht, the designers used a neat trick to make it look and feel even larger, creating more space by adding width to the middle part of the superstructure, so the saloon is 70 cm larger than the hull on the water line. We have found storage space allover the yacht on all decks, all equipped with  own springs and shock absorbers, which is a lovely touch.

Below deck the new Azimut has three guest cabins and a large master cabin. The master is located aft, has a large centrally placed bed and a small private seating next to a hull window (somewhat of an Azimut trade-mark), and is separated from the engine room by a walk-in closet and a bathroom.

Azimut 72 speed

The VIP cabin is in the bow, while the two guest cabins are on sides. All the cabins are equal in style to the main deck; lit by cozy LEDs and following the same dark-and-light color scheme. The last cabin on the yacht belongs to the skipper, has two beds and very useful windows. The exteriors of the Azimut 72 are spacious and comfortable. The aft cockpit offers an always popular U-shaped sofa, while the bow cockpit delights with a smaller sofa and a large sunbed.

Azimut 72
Azimut 72 is a yacht full of innovations

The flybridge is the most pleasant deck of them all; large and well furnished, divided into three areas – the helm station on the bow, the open galley in the middle and the cockpit aft. The engine room – a real master-piece of efficiency – seduces with numerous solutions usually exclusive to larger yachts. Skippers and engineers are especially delighted with the fact all systems have their own waterproofing system and isolation.

Luxury yacht Azimut 72 Fly starboard view

Azimut 72 Fly

72 feet long Azimut yacht is an equilibrium of power and presence. Size, sportiness and comfort are the key features of this flawlessly performing beauty.

On our test the Azimut 72 reached 33 knots of speed, which was two more than what the yard stated officially. At 2.000 rpm and 26 knots of speed the 72 sails smoothly and in complete silence. Jam-packed with innovative solutions, Azimut 72 is a yacht bound to be a real hit. This unsurprisingly sold out yacht is a real delight well worth of visiting and testing by yourself.

Azimut 72 specifications
LOA: 22,64 m
Width: 5,60 m
Draft: 1,82 m
Displacement: 53,3 t
Fuel tank capacity: 5.200 l
Water tank capacity: 1.100 l
Top speed: 31 kts
Cruising speed: 26 kts
Engines: 2 x MAN CR V12 – 1.400 HP
Bulider: Azimut Yachts
Exterior Design: Stefano Righini
Interior Design: Carlo Galeazzi

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