Besenzoni with their latest products

by Yachts Croatia

Designed for all types of boats

Besenzoni will showcase its wide range of products which are designed for all types of boats at the 2018 Genoa Boat Show – to be held from 20 to 25 September. Among new products is the PI 461 Miss, the latest-generation telescopic aluminium gangway with a 290 cm extension designed for both sailing and motor boats. Its main features include its aluminium structure, which makes it extremely lightweight without affecting its sturdiness, and the introduction of a ‘full-width’ walkway, which makes it more spacious and gives easier access to the boat and, of course, makes it safer to manoeuvre. The latter also has a safer walkway with non-slip rubber inserts.

Besenzoni, latest products

Using it as a crane it is possible to handle loads up to 200 kg by extending the gangway by up to 220 cm

SP 602-3 hydraulic ladder/gangway is a sophisticated ladder operated automatically that contains multiple functions and can therefore be used as a walkway, ladder, tender lift and stern bathing platform. Its structure – painted or mirror-polished stainless steel and teak steps – enables it to be tilted both upwards and downwards while the steps remain self-levelling. In addition, the dimensions of the first step/access walkway can be customised to suit your requirements, becoming a convenient platform for towing the tender, but also an area for sunbathing or providing you with easy access to the sea.

Photos by Besenzoni

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