Hvar rock climbing experience

by Yachts Croatia

Climbing above the town of Hvar

There’s something about reaching the top of a hill, mountain or, in this case, a bolted route

Somebody said that climbers always seek the most difficult line and the easiest way to do it and in this case it’s mostly the second part. At rock climbing above the town of Hvar there are routes ideal for beginners, people who mainly climb indoors, as well as people with some previous experience that can put in practice their climbing technique and perhaps acquire new moves. The rock is limestone, and the site itself offers amazing view to the town of Hvar and the archipelago of Pakleni islands.

Hvar climbing

Hvar climbing – amazing experience

But there is a catch – in order to get that reward and see all that beauty you need to arrive at least half way up a route, which should motivate everyone additionally to push the limits of their comfort zone, even for a bit. Although this is not a climbing course the guide will be there to answer your questions regarding climbing gear and safety, assist you with the knots, basic techniques and moves so that your experience is as complete and rewarding as possible. The guide will also lead the route and then it’s your turn to climb top rope – and the fun part starts.

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