Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar

by Yachts Croatia

Fresh new look

After successful five years in the business and attributing greatly to redefining Split gastro offer, Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar is moving to a new location. The intimate space with a terrace looking over the old port of Split formerly belonging to Paradigma restaurant that will now host the bar has been redecorated into a modern, stylish space with several visual nods to the old Paradox. Australian architect – and a local girl – Paula Babić has set the tone for the redesign of the bar, divided into two almost equally large spaces – a large rooftop terrace and an almost as big interior.

This new setup will allow for organization of themed events, promotions of local and regional wines, as well as music nights oriented toward modern jazz and rock. Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar will not change its gastronomic direction, and will remain the go-to place for carefully selected Croatian wines, cheeses, and dried, marinated or smoked Dalmatian and Mediterranean foods. In short, Paradox will even in its new space remain an excellent choice for serious wine connoisseurs, as well as those looking for a refined place to enjoy some delicious food and wine.


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