Sanlorenzo SP110: Yacht That Breaks the Mould

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Carrying forward research into the development of technologies with a low environmental impact but without forgetting the importance of the yacht’s driving experience, Sanlorenzo has created the new SP110 model. An advanced, evolved and revolutionary proposal that opens a new chapter in the yachting sector as it combines a green sensibility with unique comfort and unparalleled performance.

Sanlorenzo SP110 profile

The aim of the SP110 project for Sanlorenzo is to write a new success story in yachting and enter the world of sports yachts with a yacht that breaks the mould. SP110 represents an advanced technological platform that combines innovation and sustainability with a design that favours maximum comfort. A project made possible by the collaboration of a team of professionals at the highest levels in individual skills: Bernardo Zuccon for the exteriors, Tilli Antonelli at Sanlorenzo product development, Marco Arnaboldi for the hull design, Piero Lissoni for the interiors.

The first yacht in the SP – ‘Smart Performance’ range, it is the result of an ambitious design goal: to guarantee high performance with the maximum energy efficiency thanks to a fractional propulsion system consisting of three significantly smaller, with the best weight/power ratio. Depending on the conditions and the owner’s needs, the boat is able to move around using just one engine, a pair or all three, thus allowing great flexibility, low consumption and a different autonomy depending on the desired speed.

Fundamental to the realisation of Sanlorenzo SP110 is the hull, designed by Marco Arnaboldi, optimised for use with hydrojet propulsion. This type of propulsion is an advantage over propeller propulsion because it is less sensitive to variations in the boat’s weight and therefore more versatile. The study of water lines has resulted in a surprisingly efficient hull with a maximum beam of over 8 metres for a total length of 33 metres. The double-edged flank guarantees on the one hand a width for buoyancy that maintains the highest performance and comfort even in rough seas, and on the other hand offers a considerable surface area that can be exploited both outdoors and indoors.

Sanlorenzo SP110 italian superyacht

To further optimise consumption and performance, various solutions have been used to ensure significant weight savings. Lightened materials like the laminated glass used for the large surfaces of the windows, which cover almost 80% of the boat. The latter on the outside pick up the colour of the hull making the surface homogeneous while maintaining an excellent luminosity inside.

The exterior design, by the Zuccon International Project studio, is the result of complex research work to create new stylistic features strongly identifying the new range, thus maintaining continuity with Sanlorenzo’s tradition. The unprecedented forms, the proportions, the aerodynamic lines, as well as the livery, which departs from the shipyard’s more traditional colours to come closer to the more typical colours of sports yachts, refer to the strongly emotional character of this boat.

Another key element around which the SP110’s design revolves is sustainability. In fact, the boat is equipped with an energy recovery system that uses high-efficiency 6kW monocrystalline solar panels flanked by a package of lithium batteries that allow the boat to maintain hotellerie functions for a few hours without the use of generators. The design of the deckhouse was specially studied for the application of the solar panels in order to obtain the largest usable surface without disturbing the aesthetics of the boat’s profile. With a view to keeping the lines as homogenous as possible, there is a retractable anchor and the stern davit for launching tenders and other watertoys is also retractable.

Sanlorenzo SP110 salon Sanlorenzo SP110 owner cabin

Sanlorenzo SP110 is a two-deck yacht with an unprecedented layout, consisting of large surfaces that can be used in a variety of ways, for an interior and exterior liveability that is unequalled on a yacht of this type. The interior spaces, designed by Piero Lissoni, are articulated in such a way as to favour and simplify conviviality as much as privacy.

On the upper deck, the large sun deck is complemented by the wheelhouse overlooking the bow. The lowered deck allows the lower deck to be enjoyed from a view of the living area aft and the sea, while outside, from the deck aft, there is visual access to the lower lounge on the main deck. These solutions once again allow a total synergy between the interior and exterior environment.

One of the most peculiar parts of the design is the bow area, equipped with an extended dinette with dining area and large sunbathing area, which can be enjoyed at its best especially when the yacht is at anchor, because it is fully invested by the sea breeze.

The interior volumes are definitely unexpected, with generous spaces both in the cabins of the sleeping area and in the private areas. For the furnishings, Piero Lissoni proposed a minimalism that perfectly embraces the philosophy of the overall design of the SP110. The challenge was to maintain an elegant and refined aesthetic without overdoing the details and keeping the finishes as basic as possible compared to other models. The same approach to the use of light materials was also applied in the interior design, particularly in the bathrooms, where lava stone was used instead of marble, which is lighter and visually more energetic.

Sanlorenzo SP110 beach club

A further special feature of the yacht is the galley, located between the upper saloon and the helm deck, which can be enclosed by solid or translucent walls that allow the eye to pass through the glass windows and visually reach the bridge, providing a perspective that considerably widens the spaces.

Finally, the cockpit is the focal point of the boat’s liveability. Almost 50 metres from side to side, the low position that brings the guest even closer to the water, the seamless connection to the main hall through a large, fully opening window, this space has an unparalleled surface area never seen on a boat of this type.

Equipped with a lounge area for flexible use, it adapts to different moments of conviviality and sociability on board. Under the flooring it is possible to place a tender that disappears completely from view allowing a total use of the spaces up to sea level.

The design of the SP110 embodies Sanlorenzo’s vision in which the founding principles of sustainability, comfort and exclusivity converge, projecting the shipyard into the future with a boat that completely moves away from convetional models in the same market segment and at the same time sets a new benchmark for the models that will follow.

Photos & video Sanlorenzo / Guillaume Plisson, Erik Lefvander

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