Stipe Luetić

by Yachts Croatia

Individual approach to the clients

Private banking of Splitska banka has a new vision and strategy including new products and services on the market, as well as a new approach to the clients

We spoke to Mr Stipe Luetić, Investment Advisor in the Department of private banking of Splitska banka about their new products and services.
Could we hear a bit more about what makes Private banking of Splitska banka so special?
Private banking of Splitska banka is a part of the Societe Generale Group whose Private banking is one of the best in the world. This means that it can offer the highest level of service to its clients and their assets in Croatia too. This especially relates to a variety of products which until now were not available here. SG Splitska banka has a lot to offer in this segment, thanks to one of the leading groups worldwide. The preparation was long and thorough, but we can now say we are bringing the best and most modern services and products to our clients. The most important of all is the ‘tailor-made’ approach, meaning we approach each client individually to assess his/her willingness to take risks, plans, requirements, and life circumstances, after which we find the most appropriate solution for this client. All this is done in direct cooperation with our colleagues at Private banking in Paris and Luxembourg.
In the very short time that PB started this new approach, excellent results were achieved, how do you see this from your perspective?
We have to admit that we did expect a good reaction from our clients, as well as interest from potential clients. Surely the situation with specific market conditions and low interest rates worked in our favour too. At the end of last year we launched our first structured product which sold out in 48 hours, we have just completed the sale of the second, and we are preparing the third product. We are taking it one step at a time, and we want to convey to our clients the feeling of strength of the Group backing us, and the knowledge that each private banker directly working with clients has a unique opportunity to engage the leading experts in the Group regardless which part of the world they are in. In addition, Croatia will have a benchmark by introducing the Private banking club which is already showing excellent feedback from the clients.
What can we expect in the future of Private banking of Splitska banka, and what are your goals?
Our primary goal and long-term strategy is trust and satisfaction of clients whose expectations we have fulfilled and helped manage their assets. We wish to show that we are a bank with a human face, and that the interest of the client is our interest. As our slogan says: ‘Building your wealth together!’

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