Zuccon Internacional Project: At the Prince Service

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‘Architecture has always been about the relationship between the designer and the Prince’. According to this idea Gianni Zuccon and Paola Galeazzi founded more than thirty years ago, the architectural study, known today as Zuccon International Project

Zuccon International Project is one of the most prestigious architectural and industrial design companies operating in the yachting sector. It was established in 1972 and in the past thirty years the company has designed more than 100 yachts for some of the most famous shipyards.

The company now operates in Rome and is able to design all types of motor yachts in composite materials, steel or aluminium. The principle on which their whole work is based is, as it was centuries ago, to create a trust relationship with their customer (aka the Prince) that enables the designer to satisfy the Prince’s desires without giving up his/her own creativity.

ZIP is a multidisciplinary study and currently active in several fields, whether engaged actively in the project or acting as a consultant, ranging from architectural to industrial design, from leisure yacht to automotive. The skills of the many reliable professional workers working in the studio have played an important role in the company’s success but the hart and soul of the study lies in the expertise and talent of the founders, architects and spouses Giovanni Zuccon and Paola Galeazzi.

They are supported by the invaluable collaboration of the architect Luca Bradini and their heirs Martina and Bernard Zuccon. Since the beginning the studio really insisted on developing a multidisciplinary character, that will later become its true asset, enabling them to successfully complete a lot of different tasks, all belonging to dissimilar area of interest.

In 1976 the project of Giovanni Zuccon and Paola Galeazzi was chosen among all those presented in a call for proposals organised by Cantieri Posillipo S.p.A., a shipyard in Sabaudia. The project was for an 18-metre fibreglass leisure yacht.

Custom Line Navetta 42 i 37

At the 1978 edition of the Genoa International Boat Show the couple officially presented the Technema 65 model, the first model of the Technema range the Zuccons designed for Cantieri Posillipo. The Roman Studio made its name with the models it designed in those years, as well as gaining some of the thirty years’ experience Studio Zuccon can now boast of.

The company has since focused on designing the external structure, the inner layout and the furnishings of leisure yacht (mass production and one-offs). Many successful designs have made this company one of the most important international design companies in the sector of pleasure yachting. The Zuccons designed some of the most significant yachts produced by prestigious Shipyards. In 1984 Studio Zuccon changed its name to Zuccon International Project srl, or ZIP for short.

In the Eighties they collaborated with the Posillipo Shipyards in Sabaudia as well as the Baglietto Shipyards of Varazze. They have been working with the Ferretti Group since 1990. Since then they have also started working with Custom Line, Bertram, CRN and Cantieri Apreamare. 2016 promises to be an exciting year for Zuccon International Project. Seven new vessels designed by the Roman Study are currently being built by Ferretti Group: two by Ferretti Yachts, two by Custom Line and the other three by CRN shipyard in Ancona for which Zuccon’s architects have also developed two new projects for a 50-meter yacht.

Zuccon International Project
CRN Superconero 50

Zuccon Study has been commissioned to redesign Ferretti Yachts’ entire range, over a period of three years. The first one is the entry level Ferretti 450, a 14-meter fly launched in June 2016, while the second is the Ferretti 850, a 26-meter flybridge, characterized by sharp and sporty lines, that already shows several design elements that will recur and define the whole brand’s largest range. An increase in size for the projects presented with Custom Line, the Ferretti Group brand dedicated to fiberglass semi-custom yachts.

Navetta 37 is the new flagship for the semi-displacement Custom Line series. Zuccon International Project developed the external lines and the interior layout, introducing many innovative design elements, favouring solutions than breaks the pattern established on board models of the same category, such as the complete separation of the paths on board or the full beam owner’s suite. Navetta 37’s decor is entirely customizable, with wide choice of materials, furniture and, on the external areas, loose furniture.

Also the first renderings of Navetta 42, the biggest yacht ever built by Custom Line, have been presented at the Yachts Miami Beach 2016. The launch is expected in 2018; Navetta 42 will be organized on four decks, fully customizable, and will offer a wide range of solutions to maximize comfort and well-being of guests on board.

In the meanwhile, Zuccon International Project celebrated 20 years of cooperation with the Custom Line brand. In the next months will be officially launched M/Y CRN 131, a 74-meter displacement yacht, while are currently under construction two other superyachts of 79 and 50 meters: M/Y CRN 135 and M/Y CRN Superconero.

Ferretti Group currently built seven new vessels designed by the Roman Study

The latter, together with Expedition 50 and Dislopen 50, is part of a three models range developed by Zuccon to introduce a flexible design proposal based, however, on the same platform. Since 2013 ZIP also has a new brand, exclusively dedicated to SuperYacht design: Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD). ZSYD has a very specific mission: put the experience and know-how accumulated over decades, at the service of Italian and international shipyards.

The new brand has a simple structure reflecting two very important values: continuity and innovation. Zuccon SuperYacht Design will be primarily under the responsibility of the new generation in the studio, Martina and Bernardo Zuccon, the daughter and son of the studio’s founders, architects who have played an active role in the family-run yacht design studio for many years now.

To inaugurate beginning of the new activity Zuccon Superyacht Design released in the early 2013, its first concept ever: the 90m ZSYD, followed by the 92 SYD Discovery, 55 Febo back in 2014, up to the newest 94m Teti, presented in 2016. This new generation marks the start of a new history, drawing on the traditions of the past and experimentation for the future!

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