New Generation of Crewed Charter System

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Booking Manager, the world’s largest Yacht Charter Booking System continues to innovate. Now, the cutting-edge system fully supports Crewed Charter offerings

Crewed and Luxury Charters had been struggling to get online bookings, as no existing crewed platform supports the ability to display real-time availability and online booking and payments along with modern fleet and crew presentation. Market trends are changing, and the client decision-making process requires fewer e-mail touchpoints. Charter fleets that present instantly available information and enable their clients to make a quick decision and booking, experience a significant growth in bookings and profit.

Selling crewed charters has several requirements, such as an attractive yacht presentation, detailed crew information, APA, and some unique ones like the sleep aboard option and pre-planned technical stops. None of the crewed products available on the market are set up to handle these requirements, however, Booking Manager for crewed charter supports it all.

Attractive Crew and Fleet Presentation

When it comes to crewed charter, the major focus is on the crew, a key component of a client’s experience. With Booking Manager Crew Brochure, you can create a unique digital display of your crew that includes their pictures, CVs, all the licenses, and additional documents about them. This way, the crew can be introduced instantly, building trust, and laying the grounds for great service.

Booking Manager Portal for charter brokers is the largest global distribution network used daily by over 5000 agencies. Each fleet in the System has the possibility to use the latest trends in presenting their yachts. 360 virtual tours, the most immersive way to take the client aboard before they even set foot on a yacht, can be displayed along with a limitless number of high-resolution images. Along with the visuals, Booking Manager showcases all relevant yacht details and extras in a user-friendly way.

Online Bookings in a Few Clicks

Once the Crewed Charter becomes a part of Booking Manager, it is instantly available to all the brokers that use the platform, as well as all the connected websites that use Booking Manager’s fleet database to offer yachts on their websites. To ensure that each crewed charter is maximizing their availability while also maintaining a high service standard, Booking Manager offers smart system solutions.

For instance, the fleet manager can decide to offer the sleep aboard option, and the System will automatically block that time; similarly, a charter can predetermine the technical stop, the time needed to do yacht maintenance, and the allotted time will not be available for booking, eliminating any room for error. With these unique features, displaying crewed yacht offerings is truly smooth sailing, and a next step in the crewed charter industry.

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Custom Crewed Fleet Management

Standardized system capabilities speed up all aspects of the booking process. For example, Booking Manager allows full automation of daily tasks, creating personalized offers, contracts, invoices and many more. With many companies realizing the importance of data-driven decision-making, the System’s Revenue Planning feature is certainly a client favourite, along with several performance reports that can be generated in just a few clicks.

Another great advantage for crewed charter is the fact that the system allows predetermining the amount of APA by boat as well as by the period and offering it as a mandatory extra. This way, APA is automatically added to any document relevant for the charter.

Crewed charter available for online bookings from all devices is exactly what the sector needs to reach new clients, increase the volume of bookings, and focus on what is most important – creating the experience of a lifetime for guests!

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