Adriatic Wave: The Star of the Yachting Scene

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More than a decade, Adriatic Wave has been a beacon in the market, as dealer of renowned yachting brands on various European markets. The success of the Rovinj-based company is based on long-term plans, hard work, quality of after sales and the extraordinary relationship they have built with their clients

Through their sales partnership with brands Absolute, Invictus and FIM, Adriatic Wave have become the brightest star in the Adriatic yachting region and a synonym for top quality service, always ready to meet specific wishes and needs of their clients. Their clients grew along with them, so today Adriatic Wave boasts a large client family, a satisfied longtime customers who have recognized the effort the company put in the business of yacht sales and after-sales services.

Adriatic Wave Absolute Yachts

Adriatic Wave was founded in 2013, when two experienced yachting experts decided to join forces – the late Mario Cakar and Gimmy Valente. Their motivation, enthusiasm and uncompromising service allowed to them to propel Adriatic Wave to the very top of the luxury yacht sales segment in a remarkably short period of time.

Part of their success is certainly connected to the meteoric rise of the brand they represent, as Adriatic Wave is an authorized representative for Absolute, Italian yacht manufacturer whose Navettas and Fly yachts revolutionized the market. As the official dealer for Absolute yachts in the Adriatic region, Adriatic Wave were in 2014, 2019, 2021, and 2022, awarded the Absolute Top Dealer award for number of sales and the quality of the after sales, and are largely responsible for the rapid success of the Italian brand in the region.

The synergy of the company’s values and the values of the Absolute brand has allowed Adriatic Wave to reach a fantastic level of success, and their loyalty and hard work have been rewarded with licensing for Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, where they are authorized dealers for Absolute.

Forward thinking and future plans are woven into the very DNA of Adriatic Wave, which today has offices in Italy and Croatia (Chioggia, Rovinj, Pula and Šibenik) and is also Invictus dealer for the Croatian market, and FIM dealer for Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Poland and Croatia.

All three brands represented by Adriatic Wave are known for excellence in their respective segments, and every model in their catalogs model is painstakingly designed and constructed by skilled professionals, using the highest quality materials and the latest technologies.

FIM 470 regina motor yacht Invictus TT420S side view

The key to Adriatic Wave’s market success aren’t only sales. The company provides excellent support and service to customers for the entire duration of their ownership experience, this job is done together with their partner company Luka Marine. They understand that buying a yacht is not just a one-time event, but a long-term experience that requires continuous support and service.

Therefore, Adriatic Wave ensures that their customers get not only the highest quality yachts, but also the best care and support after the purchase – and they do it so well some of their clients have been with them for the past three or four yachts.

In this symbiosis with clients, one of the key aspects of Adriatic Wave’s after-sales services is continuous technical support, and Adriatic Wave make sure their clients have access to experts who will provide them with answers and solutions for all their issues.

This kind of support gives customers security and confidence that they are in good hands. At the same time, prevention is the best medicine, and maintenance is key to long-term excellence, so Adriatic Wave also offer regular yacht maintenance to ensure that they remain in top condition.

This ensures that the yachts retain their value and performance levels over the years, guaranteeing their owners long-term satisfaction. Clients simply want to enjoy the boat without worries, and Adriatic Wave nurture long-term relationships with clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction and trust.

To further enrich customer experience, Adriatic Wave organize various promotional events and activities, including the exclusive presentation of new models under the name Absolute Weekend, held in larger Adriatic marinas; as well as participate in all important European yacht shows, like Cannes, Düsseldorf, Genoa and Venice in order to be as close as possible to their clients and provide them with the opportunity to see the latest models of the shipyards they represent. Yearly client events organized in Rovinj, Kornati and Martinis Marchi are between the best yachting events at the Adriatic.

The greatest asset of any company are people, and Adriatic Wave recognize the importance of the quality of their employees as the cornerstone of their success. The right employees share their passion for the sea, bring fresh ideas and innovate, and Adriatic Wave provide especially their younger employees with the opportunity to develop their talents and use their potential, thereby boasting the company’s competitiveness and allowing continuous growth.

Adriatic Wave also value teamwork and encourage cooperation among employees, allowing growth through various projects, and forming teams that include different types of talents. Young employees are supported and encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives, which creates an inspiring environment for innovation and excellence.

Especially successful are three ladies – Selma, Ivona and Sara, who organize all company events, and take care of marketing and promotion for the company that continues to shape the future of yachting in the region and remains a solid partner for everyone looking to add luxury and quality to their yachting experience.

Photos Adriatic Wave

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