Invictus world debut for the new sterndrive

by Yachts Croatia

250CX at Boot Dusseldorf 2018

Invictus Yacht continues to widen their gamma and is preparing the official public debut of the new 250CX, a sterndrive that offers incredibly comfortable living space in only 7.75 meters of length. In common with the other CX range models, this vessel was conceived to concentrate lots of equipment with high level comfort and encase them all in a little space. The choice of a sterndrive, with a hull especially designed for it, allows for a spacious stern platform that excels in comfort while at anchor and at the same time makes it easy to come aboard from the dock. The control console is vertically developed, providing very precise control over the boat thanks to the carefully studied ergonomics common to the entire CX range.

Invictus 250CX

Invictus 250CX – a concentrate of equipement and comfort

The heart of the living zone is set amidships with a standup driver’s seat, easily transformable to complete the stern dinette and giving another seat to those who love to enjoy their boat with friends. Protection from the midday sun comes from the retractable awning that opens over the entire living area. Below deck has an open space with a corner washroom featuring a cabinet that holds the WC when not needed, while a very roomy cabinet to the left of the stairs guarantees ample storage space. These are all featured in a luminous ambient, thanks to two wide side windows that increase the perceptions coming from outside and reduce the effect of the hull as an architectural barrier.

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