Ivan Rakitić: New star of Optika Anda

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Croatian representative has been the top wanted football player for years, and recently has become the new star of Optika Anda

It is hard to imagine anyone fit better the new Optika Anda campaign under the slogan ‘The Look of the Winner’. Even though he was born and grew up in Switzerland, Ivan Rakitić spent most of his adult-life in two Mediterranean countries – Croatia and Spain, so no wonder the popular Rocket enjoys sunglasses as well as a bit of fashion. Regarding the latest discoveries, we had the pleasure of talking to him on the topics not necessarily connected with football.
Spain is your second home, a Mediterranean and sunny land, just like Croatia, do you also belong to those not leaving the house without sunglasses?
I do not exactly belong to those who always wear sunglasses even when it rains, but I have to admit, I like wearing sunglasses. I have a few models I change depending on my mood, style, situation, yet it would be a lie saying I cannot leave my house without them. I also have no-sunglasses days.
Are sunglasses for you just the sun protection or the question of style?
You’ve got me half way there. I believe, we, the football players, are a bit more sun-resistant than other people, considering the fact we spend a great amount of time outdoors, on football pitches, without sunglasses, withstanding all weather conditions including the sun as well. The sun doesn’t bother us that much. However, I cannot deny sunglasses can be a question of style as well. Let’s be honest, we choose them according to our preferences, we think through on the sunglasses and the style… When I focus on it and feel like it, I enjoy attuning my sunglasses with my style, it’s like icing on the cake.
Who wears sunglasses better, the Spaniards or the Croats?
I believe the Croats take victory in this category. We are the sunglasses-fanatic nation, rain or shine sunglasses-mode is on. Generally speaking, the Croats really pay attention to their style and looks.
What sunglasses model would be your first choice?
Nothing in particular. Whatever I like and looks good on me, I buy. As for the shape – aviator, wrap around rectangle, round, all types are fine… Good detail on sunglasses are coloured mirror coatings.
We are well aware your wife Raquel has a sophisticated fashion-fine-tuning, has she influenced you in that respect?
Probably a bit without even being aware of it. I am not focused on fashion, but I like looking good. Especially when it comes to certain events we attend together; we always invest special energy in choosing the right combination. However, Raquel is the number one in that field.
Football players are usually the target of the fashion critics, everything is observed, from what you wear, how you wear it… Does it bother you at all?
Not at all. If my job was to look good, I would probably be more aware of my fashion style and invest more energy into it… I save my energy for football fields and do my best there, try to be impressive, so I don’t care so much about fashion critics’ opinions on my styling in my free time.
Last year you performed your hundredth performance for the Croatian team, what are your future plans?
It is a great honour and responsibility to be one of the few playing for the hundredth time in the Croatian jersey. The future plan means pursuing the same pace and spirit when it comes to playing for Croatia. The main question after the World Football Championship was whether I will say goodbye to the representation, but my heart decided I should stay.
Silver medal for the Croatian team at the World Championship, was it everything you ever dreamed of when you were a little boy?
That silver medal means a dream come true for all of us on the field, but also for all those who supported us, cheered for us… It is hard to explain to someone observing the situation aside, but such success for such a small country is incredible. The entire atmosphere and love born on that championship, all those people living and breathing with us, that is the most valuable thing. That is a dream come true!
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