Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel: A Special Charm of Šolta

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Located in a historic castle in Maslinica on the island of Šolta’s west coast, Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel vividly evokes visions of sparkling teal waters and a landscape dotted with olive trees

During the first days of the spring season we visited Martinis Marchi, the heritage hotel and marina. Without any doubt one of the most fascinating points of the Adriatic. After the marina opening Martinis Marchi became a very popular yachting point. It offers the unique experience of a luxury property in the picturesque fishing village of Maslinica on the island of Šolta.

This is a photography Maslinica island of Šolta
Martinis Marchi Marina is a new, modern marina situated in the beautiful Maslinica bay on the Island of Šolta, right next to the heritage hotel and the restaurant. Marina offers a mooring capacity of 50 boats (measuring up to 40m in lenght) along with several berths for larger boats

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the ‘new Maslinica setup’ seems to be just the beginning of a very interesting offer that does not only live inside the historical walls of Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel but on the whole island of Šolta.
Now with the marina in ‘full power’ mode, the hotel and the restaurant working to the finest detail everything is harmonizing together. A complementary service chartering the hotel’s Sunseeker Superhawk 50 yacht, completing the offer for different clientele. Chartering is considered an integral part of the experience for hotel guests, who can now do daytrips with exceptional boats.

This is a photography of Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel spreads across 1500 square meters arranged in seven luxury and spacious Suites all with breathtaking room view, which create an impression of a complete privacy and discrete luxury

For the yachting community Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel is a unique place that has a very special charm which one can’t find in Spain, France or other places in Croatia. Some marina guests enjoy staying one night in the hotel, some hotel guests enjoy spending some time on the water and everybody likes the good food. Organizing weddings, celebrations for other special occasions or hosting regattas has become a calling card of Martinis Marchi.

What we really liked is that there are a lot of opportunities on the island. It is possible to bring the whole community together, to develop the location in the way not to destroy the charisma of Maslinica as a fishing village. This is something that rarely works in small communities but it seems that Martinis Marchi has found the right formula.

Being able to offer more products and services quickly greatly improves the service for the guests and helps to respond to their demands. We believe that with better connectivity with the mainland, Maslinica can become the high profile luxury destination of all of Split and Trogir, a privilege reserved for the yachting community today. As an additional service, the hotel decided to offer tailored experiences for groups and launch new programs for management retreats.

This is a photography of Martinis Marchi Restaurant
Martinis Marchi Restaurant offers food that reflects simplicity of perfectly prepared traditional local dishes made from high-quality and healthy ingredients

Ivan Kuret, managing director of Martinis Marchi explained to us more about the programs: ‘We are organizing full packages for the groups together with our partners from the island. There are still a lot of beautiful locations on the island which are not well known. We offer our vintage off road car, which is ideal to drive on the roads of Šolta. Martinis Marchi maintains and cherishes friendships with the local producers which provide us with their supreme local ingredients.

We will take you to a visit to the local producers where you can discover how a high quality olive oil is made, try delicious homemade honey whose exquisite taste has been well-known even since the ancient times, or visit the picturesque vineyards where the future homemade wine bottles come from. We are trying to rediscover the charm of the old Šolta with the groups such as at the ruins of the old monastery of Stipanska. Once we started we discovered we can present so many things from the island of Šolta. We don’t want to work alone, we want to show the island and work together with its people. We see a lot of opportunities to help our guests have a great time on Šolta.’

This is a photography of The Imperial Tower of Karlo VI Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel
The Imperial Tower of Karlo VI in Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel

A lot of guests are looking for these types of activities, but for those worried about being tortured during the vacation the ‘normal’ hotel offer stands unchanged, there are wellness treatments, the beach, a beautiful pool and just a fantastic surrounding.

You will feel as if the entire castle with surroundings belongs to you only!

Photos Martinis Marchi

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