Prestige 680 review: French Bestseller


Prestige 680 won us over with lovely design and technical solutions, roomy interiors filled with natural light, modern interior layout and a huge master cabin in the bow

The latest Prestige debuted last summer in Dubrovnik, Croatia and was officially introduced to potential buyers a couple of months later, during the Festival de Cannes.

The 680 is inspired by the largest Prestige yacht

Specifically designed to be equipped with an IPS 1200 engine, the Prestige 680 offers enjoyable, comfortable cruising

We tested the Prestige 680 in French waters, taking it for a spin around the picturesque Île Sainte-Marguerite. The newest among the lovely Prestige models deserves all the attention it receives, even only for the fact it is the largest yacht built in the Jeaneau’s historical Vendee production halls.

Since the largest model of the Prestige line, model 750, is built in Italy, in Monfalcone, the Franch builder is very proud of the Prestige 680, considered the unofficial flagship. The 680 is obviously inspired by the largest Prestige yacht, but is scaled down to a more acceptable size (and less priced).

This is a photography of Prestige 680 flybridge
Prestige 680 Flybridge

Large interior volumes, elegant design and functional solutions take the Prestige 680 very close to the longer 750. The cockpit is protected by the fly bridge, which stretches all the way to the transom, giving the cockpit – already visually connected to the interior saloon – feel of an outdoor lounge.

Prestige 680 layout

The aft platform cannot be reached from the starboard side of the cockpit, as the usually open passage on this yacht is covered by a seating hiding a skipper cabin inside.

Strategically placed between the cockpit and the saloon, the galley is L-shaped (rather than U-shaped as is the case with most galleys on yachts this type). The dining area is close to both the galley and the cockpit, spacious and separated from the galley by a bar. All the spaces on the main deck are on the same level.

Comfortable and modern, the saloon is simple and serene, with lots of details in stainless steel, surrounded by really large windows and bathed in natural light. Although Prestige follows the open space concept on all their larger models, it is possibly best interpreted on the 680.

Prestige 680 aft deck

This cozy Prestige yacht with homey atmosphere has almost no fixed furniture, and the owners can arrange and rearrange pieces as they please.

Starboard in the saloon, behind the command post, we have discovered probably the best designer solution on this yacht; the spectacularly functional sliding glass door that connect the interior and the exterior, but also open to the saloon ‘balcony’ and allows communication of the helm station and the exterior (starboard).

Master cabin is ideal for owners keen on privacy

Almost invisible when not in use, this door is that little something extra that studio Garroni always manages to add to their designs. Below deck the newest Prestige can have three or four cabins. The largest among them is the master cabin, located in the bow and almost identical to that of the 750, separated from the others by a private hallway.

Comfortable and modern, the saloon of the Prestige 680 is simple and serene

This cabin is in many ways ideal for owners keen on privacy, as it is almost isolated, and offers all the delightful details usually found on larger yachts, such as walk-in closets and plenty of natural light that comes in through a skylight.

As interesting and refined as it is, the master cabin is still not the most appealing cabin aboard the Prestige 680, as the VIP rivals it more than successfully.

Classical flybridge

Located aft and as wide as the hull, the VIP gets a ‘sister’ in the three-cabin layout – which also turns the third cabin into a large, VIP-like space. This unusual quality of the lower deck layout gives the Prestige 680 almost the same interior volumes as those of the 750.

Unlike the innovative lower deck, the fly bridge is rather classical in almost every way, but far from boring. Divided into three large spaces – the bow with sun beds, the helm area and the large saloon aft.

The saloon can be easily shaded by a hydraulic bimini top or a hard top (optional), and is large enough to host a small – but perfectly equipped – galley as well.

French yacht master cabin
Prestige 680 master cabin is ideal for owners keen on privacy

It is easily reached by a staircase leading from the main deck cockpit. The skipper cabin is located aft on the lower deck, right next to the engine room, and has two beds and a private head.

Prestige 680 reaches top speed of 30 knots easily

The engine room of the French yacht is roomy enough for all inspections and repairs, with plenty of space left around the Volvo IPS 1200 engines.

Prestige 680 reaches top speed of 30 knots easily, and Jernej Jakopin and his team designed the hull efficiently, so vibrations are almost entirely absent at all speeds.

Built in vacuum by infusion, the Prestige yacht has aluminum reinforcements around the main deck glass panels to allow such a big openings.

Prestige is planning to build ten units of the Prestige 680 during the first year on the market, but after seeing and testing the yacht, we are sure they will have to increase that number significantly. Big thumbs up to the entire Prestige team for this attractive and functional yacht.

Prestige 680 specifications

LOA: 1,46 m
Width: 5,33 m
Draft: 1,58 m
Displacement: 29.800 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 3.450 l
Water tank capacity: 920 l
Top speed: 30 kts
Cruising speed: 25 kts
Engines: Volvo IPS 1200
Autonomy at cruising speed: 350 miles
Design: J&J Design – Garroni Design

Photos & video Prestige, Bernard Dino Bonomo, Martin Raget

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