R&B successful international transfer

by Yachts Croatia

R&B Global Projects Croatia

R&B Global Projects Croatia, a company specializing in Project transport of commodities and Heavy cargoes, has finished yet another successful international transfer. The founders of the company, a Belgian couple Dave Roosen and Ilse Blockx, settled in Croatia in 2013 and started their own business in logistics. With almost 30 years of experience in this segment, the couple has multiple accomplished projects as a reference, with the most recent one regarding one Croatian-made product.

The innovative and transformative platforms, used as an extension to a boat, can be transformed into anything from a building platform to an exclusive venue with fine dining and spectacular sea view. With endless possibilities, magic carpets have much more to show in the future. The first of its kind to be installed on a cruise ship was built in a small shipyard Radež in Blato, on the island of Korčula, with the next one already in preparation for the next year. After the building process was finished, it was brought over by a small pontoon to the port of Split, where the team of R&B Global Projects loaded it on a big ship with heavy cranes to transport to Saint-Nazaire, France.

Photo and video by R&B Global Projects

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