Ribco, perfect for multiple use

by Yachts Croatia

Luxury and a strong fun to drive feeling

Ribco was born more than two decades ago, as a result of the passion for performance boating of its founders, Stelios Ladopoulos and Nikiforos Valerianos. Their aim was to combine the benefits of an offshore hull with those of a Mediterranean deck. In 1995 the first Scorpion Ribs where introduced in Greece and at 1999 the first 8m Scorpion with a more Mediterranean deck layout was launched. Since than, more than 400 Ribs have been proudly build by Ribco and sold in Greece, England, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and other European countries. Lately Monaco and Australia have been added in their network. Ribco boats are easy to handle in every aspect and makes the process of approaching a beach or even a rocky area an easy task. The boat’s deck has a different path of development. Spacious, luxurious, with very high quality materials, is the ideal place for sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying the contact with the sea. The level of the equipment is one of the highest in this segment, which means that you will enjoy your stay on board. Ribco’s official dealer for Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Cyprus is OneMareSports, will participate in Biograd Boat Show this year with Seafarer 36.  www.ribcomarine.com

Photo by Ribco

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