Šipan Island: Favourite Spot of Dubrovnik’s Aristocrats

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Probably the most peaceful and the best-preserved island of the Elaphiti Islands, Šipan is a place to relax and restore one’s strength for new life challenges.

Šipanska luka

Šipanska luka Dubrovnik Elaphiti Croatia

Arrival at the Šipanska luka at sunset is a special experience which makes almost every visitor think about buying an old stone villa or a summer house and settling down in this little paradise on Earth. In fact, the Šipan port (42° 43.8′ N, 17°52′ E) used to be the favourite spot of Dubrovnik’s aristocrats and, luckily for the locals, as well as for seasonal visitors, it has to date remained preserved from mass tourism.

There are 42 old summer houses, 34 big and smaller churches and numerous chapels on Šipan, and you should definitely stroll down to the Rector’s Palace which is situated somewhat above the place, visit the summer houses of the Sorkočević and Katina families, as well as the parish church of Saint Stephen First Martyr.


island sipan sudurad

If you decide to go on a trip to Suđurađ, be sure to visit one of the most beautiful villas in the Dubrovnik area – the old Skočibuha palace, and take a stroll down a Mediterranean garden, visit the two towers that were used as protection from pirates, the windmill, as well as the only preserved example of the ancient balcony from the Renaissance.

Anchorages in the Šipan Island

Sipanska Luka croatia

At the bay, you may moor by the stone waterfront situated on the eastern coast, where sailors have 10 berths at their disposal; and considering the fact that the mooring base is far from the waterfront, make sure that your propeller does not get tangled up in the mooring. In the south-western part of the Šipan bay, there is a twenty-meter long dock over the 2.5 meter deep sea where one sailboat can be laterally moored, as well. Boats can be anchored along the entire port; however, there should be enough space left to manoeuvre the passenger boat moored by the inner side of the dock.

During jugo, strong gusts of wind are felt in the entire bay, but they do not pose a threat to boats. However, the most dangerous of all winds is tramontane which emerges after the summer storms. Due to anticyclone, during nights at the bay, the local thermal wind of stončica may blow in gusts of a strength characteristic for thunderstorms – it comes from the direction of Ston on Pelješac (NW), and you may find out the reason behind it if you consider the massiveness and altitudes of the nautically, but also gastronomically inviting peninsula.

In a brightly coloured small lagoon closed on one side by the northern shores of Šipan, and by islet Mišnjak on the other side, only few boats are anchored, as well as in the private coves situated on the north-eastern side of the Jakljan island. In those coves, pines literally embrace the sea, and the colours have iridescent glow ranging from dark green to cobalt blue. No matter which cove you chose from Crkvina to the safest cove of Veli Jakljan, you are sure to enjoy your privacy and ambience.

Luxury sailing yacht Acapella sailing


49m Acapella is a sailing superyacht, launched in 2021 by a well known Croatian family. This luxurious yacht has been lovingly constructed with ultimate comfort in mind, which is reflected in her 5 incredible staterooms, accommodating a maximum of 12 guests.

If jugo is not expected, you can spend the night on an impressive place – in a passage bordered by tall rocks between the Šipan island and the neighbouring Jakljan. Watch out for the ledge, drop the anchor and moor two aft moorings to the cliff, and you can be sure that it will not be easy to find another place like this again. When your yacht is well anchored, relax with a glass of cool beverage and witness one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Restaurants in Šipan Island

In addition to peace and quiet, the gastronomic offer in restaurants is also one of the reasons why the island of Šipan is becoming an increasingly popular nautical destination.

Konoba Kod Marka šipan island

For someone who comes to Konoba Kod Marka for the first time in the Šipanska Luka, there is a high probability that he will return every year. Because what father Marko started, and today his son Đino continues heartily, the kitchen is worthy of (real) princesses and celebrities, but also of ‘ordinary’ sailors who appreciate the completely relaxed atmosphere on the terrace that seems to spring from the sea and is on the opposite and the quieter side of the place.

Bowa restaurant

bowa restaurant sipan

Near Suđurađ, there is also the Bowa Restaurant. A gastronomic fantasy awaits you in a small cove with a late beach and turquoise sea.
There are few restaurants in Croatia, so relaxed in the atmosphere, and so serious in the preparation of food as Bowa on the island of Šipan, and therefore fully deserves a place in our category of ‘adventurous’ fine dining.

Photos Mario Jelavić

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