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Pershing – Celebrating 30th anniversary

It is not by chance, that over the past thirty years Pershing has been a reference point in pleasure boating and one of the most renowned Made in Italy nautical brands, thanks to the great performance and continuing research the company has devoted to style and quality

Pershing has always been an original and innovative brand, with unparalleled features in terms of passion for speed, on-board comfort and enjoyment, and, last but not least, for design and technology innovation. Thanks to this valuable combination of distinguished features, all models since the first Pershing 45 launched in 1985, and the other subsequent 30 models built by Pershing including the current range of nine coupé yachts with lengths from 15 to 33 metres (50 – 108 feet) have boasted outstanding performance and unequalled comfort. Thirty years of boating history were properly celebrated in Palma de Mallorca this summer, and marked by the presentation of the Pershing 140 model in Monaco in September this year. Pershing yachts stand out for their constant design and stylistic evolution, superior performance, top-quality materials, and painstakingly designed interiors offering ultimate comfort and making the best possible use of on-board spaces. Advanced construction methods, powerful engines reaching 7100 MHP (so far), and the use of surface drive systems, hydro-jets and gas turbines all combine to give Pershing yachts a distinctively sporty trim and peak speeds of over 45 knots. Pershing’s history is indeed a truly fascinating one, which deepens its roots in the lucky intuition of three friends sharing a common passion for boating: it was partly playfully, but mainly driven by their passion and entrepreneurship, that in 1981 ‘Tilli’ Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onofri established Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico Srl and launched their first boat. Four years later, in 1985, thanks to their acquaintance with yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, the Pershing idea came into being.


Passion, creativity and continuous research are the primary values of the Pershing philosophy

The first Pershing 45 was thus designed – an open yacht which became a huge success, characterized by new concepts of comfort and privacy, which had hitherto been an exclusive prerogative of classic motor yachts. The early 1990s marked a turning point for Pershing, which embarked upon an internationalization policy towards Mediterranean countries, the United States and the Far East. In 1998 the Company joined the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and sale of luxury motor yachts. This wonderful adventure continues to this day with even stronger foundations and with the same enthusiasm it had started off with. Since 2008 Pershing has also been in partnership with the famous Swiss haute horology brand Parmigiani Fleurier. The year 2012 was the beginning of a new era for Pershing and for the entire Ferretti Group: the Chinese industrial group Weichai – one of the largest international players in the commercial vehicles and construction machinery sector – acquired a 75% interest in the Italian yachting group. This is a strategic partnership that marks the beginning of a further international breakthrough for the brand and the Ferretti Group as a whole, aimed at ensuring ample resources in order to conquer new distribution channels, expand more effectively into the new emerging markets. Pershing’s current fleet can boast nine different yachts, ranging between 15 to 35 meters in length: the Pershing 50.1; the Pershing 62; the Pershing 64; the Pershing 70; the Pershing 74; the Pershing 82; the Pershing 92; and, beyond 100 feet in length, the Pershing 108 and the flagship, the Pershing 115. All Pershing yachts are built in the Mondolfo shipyard (in the ‘close by’ Marche region,), which is located right in front of the Company’s first, historical shipyard and is a futuristic site designed by architect Sandro Sartini, extending over 53,000 square meters, more than 36,000 of which in the open air. This shipyard is much more than a mere production centre: it is a magnificent setting blending together beauty and functionality, technology and design, ingenuity and know-how. It is a space designed in every detail to cope with the constant evolution of production and the extension of the product range. Design, innovation, technology, performance, and comfort: these are the founding principles of Pershing’s philosophy and activity, the starting point of any new project, as well as the final goals the shipyard has always sought to attain.


During three decades Pershing has become synonymous for superior quality and performance

Pershing has also demonstrated its ability to stay ahead of the times in terms of design, by introducing highly innovative, breakthrough shapes and stylistic solutions that have often become trend setters in the coupé and open cruiser sector. Every Pershing yacht is a flawless blend of class, dynamism and innovation and a symbol of Italian elegance, and stands out for its unmistakably distinctive style. The painstaking interior layout design, countless structural and technological solutions, and the utmost care devoted to furnishings and details ensure that every Pershing yacht can boast very high quality standards. Very big part of the recognized style and quality, brand owns to designer Fulvio De Simoni, who has penciled the entire Pershing range from the very first, by now historical, model. Pershing is also likely to impact the future of the yachting industry , so far introducing a wide range of technology innovations: the hydraulic gangway, the surface drives, the gas turbines, the use of a special vacuum infusion fibreglass lamination system, the special retractable glass door, designed in cooperation with Besenzoni, the chain airbag, a computerized GRP cutting process, ‘boat automation’, the dual movement hard top, and the Autotrim system. With the Pershing 108, which was presented in 2011, Pershing introduced 3-engine propulsion for the first time, in order to ensure high performance whenever needed, while keeping an eye on environmental impact. The latest model in the range, the Pershing 70 marks a new breakaway from the past and a new step forward in Pershing’s over thirty-year evolution. Its futuristic and imposing shapes are highlighted even more by the two large side wings that endow this yacht with a truly unmistakable look and even larger on-board space, to ensure the utmost comfort. The Company’s mission, indeed, reads as follows: ‘We build exclusive, high-performing yachts that turn our passion into emotions’.

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