FIM Yachts: Italian Dolcevita and Enthusiasm for Sea

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Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi was founded in 2019 by Corrado Piccinelli and Manuela Barcella with a mission to create yachts that reflect the owners’ personalities, interpreting every style and performance request in the best possible way. FIM yachts embrace elegance and performance by combining luxury with sportiness and the Italian Dolcevita with sea enthusiasm.

Corrado Piccinelli has been operating in the maritime services sector since 1999. He offers twenty years of experience in boat refit, new production, and maintenance, gained alongside the leading shipyards. Manuela Barcella has been working as director of Over Sea Service for several years, and in 2019, together with her husband Corrado, she decided to embark on the new FIM adventure and set up their own brand and shipyard.

corrado piccinelli
CEO and co-founder of Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi Corrado Piccinelli

Shortly after, Vannis Marchi joined the two as capital partner. Marchi is, among other things, co-founder and owner of the fashion brands Liu Jo. He is a great nautical enthusiast and promoter of FIM development.

The yard in Cividate al Piano is part of a larger production complex which takes a total area of 20,000 square meters, with an height exceeding six meters under the bridge cranes, and including changing rooms for up to 300 workers, 1,300 square meters of office areas and 4,000 square meters of buildable surface.

FIM Yachts plant
FIM’s production plant in Cividate al Piano is a state-of-the-art facility spanning over 5000 square meters, facilitating the construction of their luxurious yachts

Among the peculiarities, a painting booth allows to increase the quality level of the painted surfaces and also gives the chance to perform post-curing treatments, i.e. cooking fiberglass and paint for seven to eight hours to stabilize them and make them more resistant under the sun.

An internal technical office with five people takes care of studying, fiberglass lamination, exterior materials, interior decor and more. It is also worth to mention the way that FIM manage their warehouse: every single component and material has a bar code, in this way during the manufacturing of each boat it is possible to know exactly which part has been assembled, with an advantage also in the after-sales service phase, because the company is always aware of which single component is on board each specific model.

At an organizational level, FIM has also developed a technical office with five designers who deal with product and component development, internal decor, styling and customizations.

Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi already boasts an extensive network of dealers which covers Italy, France, Monaco, Austria, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Mexico, United States, Canada, Egypt, Morocco. A constant development of the dealer network aims to cover all areas of interest at a global level in the medium term.

FIM has sold over 30 units, with more in production, including the 340 and 470 models

In addition to the 370, 440 (worldwide première Cannes Yachting Festival 2023) and 470 Regina open boats (the latter winner of the World Yacht Trophy in Cannes in the ‘Best Revelation of the Year’ category), the product development program has other models in the pipeline. In 2024 FIM will introduce the 580 Contessa coupé, followed by the sport fly 550 Imperatrice in 2025 and 650 Imperatrice in 2026.

With the new plant of Cividate al Piano, close to Bergamo and 60km east of Milan company has a big plans for the future. The plant is a modern production site that spreads over more than 5000 square meters, and employs around 70 people, including external contractors. It includes areas dedicated to design, construction, tank testing (up to 50 feet) and delivery to customers. The investment in the new production site turned out to be necessary following the great success of the first two models launched by FIM: the open 340 Regina (sterndrive and outboard, respectively 2020 and 2021), and 470 Regina, born in 2022.

FIM’s yard is a spacious production complex with advanced facilities, including a painting booth, a technical office, and a barcode-based warehouse system

On the occasion of the opening event, Corrado Piccinelli, CEO and co-founder of Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi, wanted to thank all the participants: ‘Looking at this audience, I see in each of you an important part of my career in the nautical sector and beyond. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart our families, for the values they have passed on to us, our customers, for the trust and attachment they show us, then again the dealers, the journalists, the suppliers and collaborators, and last but not least all the members of our team, for the tenacity and commitment with which they face their responsibilities every day’.

FIM 440 Regina

Manuela Barcella, CEO and co-founder of the company along with Corrado Piccinelli, adds: ‘I am very proud to see you all here to celebrate this important milestone for us and for FIM. I see this event as the beginning of a wonderful journey that we will undertake, mostly because of the cooperation of you all’.

‘Being at the inauguration event of the new FIM production plant means a lot to me,’ said Vannis Marchi, capital shareholder and co-founder of the fashion brand Liu Jo. ‘It’s like reliving my first times at Liu Jo, when you are preparing to carry out a project that is in progress, and you feel that you are building something great. And the proof that Corrado and Manuela are building something great is the presence of all of you, gathered here to celebrate such an important moment’.

When introducing the new 440 Regina, Massimo Radice – General Manager of FIM – wanted to call on stage the entire team that helped create it. Among them: Alessandro Lottici, Design Studio a lot (concept and design); Arianna Bianchi and Silvia Capelli from LDI Design Studio (interiors, decor and styling).

Photos FIM Yachts


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