Benetti Yachts: A Yachting Icon for Generations

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Benetti is a manufacturer of luxury yachts with a long tradition dating back to the 19th century. The yachts of the Italian shipyard are the choice of the richest and most successful people in the world, and are often used for private parties, business meetings or simply enjoying a vacation

Benetti Yachts: A Century and a Half of Yachting Excellence

Benetti Yachts designs, builds and sells vessels in composite materials from 34 to 44 meters and boats in steel and aluminium from 37 to more than 100 meters in five distinct categories: Class, Oasis, B.Yond, B.Now and Custom. Every Benetti yacht is a unique masterpiece, developed around its owner.

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From Humble Beginnings to Global Prominence

The Benetti journey began in 1873 when Lorenzo Benetti acquired the Cantiere Darsena Lucca and laid the foundation for the Benetti Shipyard. In over 30 years Lorenzo Benetti launched more than 30 vessels during an era dominated by magnificent barque sailing ships.

Over the years Benetti has been able to create real works of art, including a rare gem kept alongside Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan: the ‘Brigantino San Giorgio,’ launched in 1921.

In the 1960s the shipyard revolutionized the yachting world by transitioning from wood to steel construction. The modern megayacht concept was born, while the Delfino, Gabbiano and Mediterraneo series became iconic yachts, evoking the legendary tales of aristocracy and international jet-setters during the era of ‘La dolce vita.’

From Music Moguls to Hollywood Royals: Benetti’s Celebrity Fascination

David Bowie onboard the Benetti Yachts El Caran
David Bowie onboard the Benetti El Caran (1977)

Charter the Benetti ‘Happy Me’ and Create Timeless Memories in Enchanting Croatia

Luxury yacht Benetti Happy Me sunset port side

Happy Me

Happy Me is the latest and greatest of the innovative Benetti Classic Supreme 132 range of yachts.

Benetti Yachts Nabila
Benetti Nabila (1980)

Rainier of Monaco, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Robin Williams, Michael Caine, and even The Beatles, who were often guests of their manager, the owner of a Delfino Benetti, all shared a connection with these yachts.

As Benetti’s reputation kept growing Adnan Khashoggi commissioned the most famous yacht of all time: the ‘Nabila’ later renamed the ‘Trump Princess’ by Donald Trump.

Its extraordinary design and opulent interiors sparked intrigue and fascination. The ‘Nabila’ achieved such iconic status that it made its cinematic debut in a James Bond film, ‘Never Say Never,’ and inspired the Queen’s song ‘Khashoggi’s Boat’.

Grand celebration for Benetti’s 150 year anniversary was held at the Viareggio and Livorno shipyards with owners, employees and officials

In 1985, Paolo Vitelli, the young owner of the Azimut yard, acquired F.lli Benetti, recognizing and appreciating the Livorno shipyard’s excellence in the luxury yacht industry. Under the new name, Cantiere Benetti, Vitelli implemented a financial restructuring plan to restore the brand to its former glory.

His visionary use of composite materials in the groundbreaking Classic 115 line of 1988 resulted in the sale of a hundred units in a mere decade, a record still unmatched in the nautical world.

A Vision for the Future: Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness

With a pioneering approach and anticipating what would later become a component of conscious industrial development, Paolo Vitelli built the world’s first diesel-electric yacht, the Ambrosia, in 2006. He also established an in-house R&D center, focused on sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Benetti Luminosity (2020), exterior

One of the Benetti’s contemporary masterpieces is ‘Luminosity,’ launched in 2020, is a colossal 107-meter Giga yacht featuring a hybrid propulsion engine. In 2022, the B.Yond 37-meter was awarded the greenest yacht in its class, thanks to its innovative hybrid propulsion system.

Benetti Luminosity (2020), interior

In the same year, the yard revolutionized the concept of on-board lifestyle with the Oasis Deck series. Its side-wing sterns that open seamlessly to the water, created a new trend in the industry.


Celebrating 150 Years of Yachting Heritage

Benetti Oasis 40M (2023)

A century and a half since its inception, Benetti Yachts continues to symbolize tradition, reliability, and excellence. ‘The House of Yachting’ remains an emblem of timeless beauty and superior craftsmanship, destined to leave an indelible mark for generations to come.

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