MennYacht Celebrates 30 Years of Unforgettable Yachting

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Present in more than 13 regions, including marinas throughout the Adriatic, MennYacht Group embodies the Adriatic yachting appeal

In the realm of luxury yachting, where every detail matters and excellence is non-negotiable, MennYacht Group stands tall as a beacon of unparalleled service and sophistication. As they mark their 30th anniversary, one delves into the history, offerings, and unique experiences that have solidified their position as one of the leaders in the industry in our region.

Today, the company boasts an award-winning team of 53 professionals, offering specialized yachting services across Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania.

Ferretti Group motoryacht fleet
MennYacht is the official and exclusive dealer of the Ferretti Group

A Glimpse into History

The story about MennYacht is closely connected to Matjaž Murko, as the founder and president of the group. From the first days, Matjaž had contagious enthusiasm for yachts, fully aware that they represent the ultimate form of luxury. Always accompanied by his wife Darja they have been protagonists of every major yacht show from the early beginnings. Founded in 1994, what started as a love affair with Pershing Yachts blossomed into a comprehensive suite of services spanning sales, chartering, and maintenance.

At the beginning MennYacht excelled in representing Pershing shipyard and Ferretti Group brands in years to come

In 1998, a pivotal moment occurred when Pershing Yachts joined the illustrious Ferretti Group, broadening MennYacht’s scope and granting exclusive dealership rights for prestigious brands like Ferretti Yachts, Itama and the legendary Riva Yachts. Over the past three decades, the company has expanded its footprint across Europe, establishing a network of offices and service points.

One of keys of their success was to run a company with maximum professionalism, but always keeping the family feeling, having a warm heart for their friends, business associates and even the competition. Human face of the business gave many fruits, but also helping them to spread on many new markets.

Slovenian entrepreneur Matjaž Murko has been at the wheel since day one, always with his wife and trusted partner Darja

The president of the company said: ‘In 1994, when we became a dealer for Pershing we believe that this brand is something special because it combined high performance with supreme comfort and design excellence. The Pershing Yachts where not really present and well known in the Adriatic Sea despite the fact that the Shipyard was in Mondolfo near to Ancona at the Italian Adriatic Coast. At that time the majority of the Pershings where sold in Italy on the Tirenian Sea on the Cote D’Azur and Greece. A 40/50 feet motor Yacht back in 1994 was considered a BIG Yacht. When in 1996 we presented the Pershing 70, Pershing 60, Pershing 40 and Pershing 38 all together at the first Internautica Boat show in Portorož, Slovenia, this was an absolute highlight. People didn’t know anything about Arneson Surface propulsion and we really educated our clients. To this day Pershing 70 & 60 with 2 x CAT 1250 hp and maximum speed of 50 knots are breathtaking Yachts. At that time they were like Space Ships. Very soon we sold our first Pershing 70. As a comparison on the size of this transaction: that was the same as if you were to sell a 40-metre yacht today. We first delivered the yacht to Portorož, then to Umag, where she is still lying today, owned by a famous Austrian industrialist from day one.’

Navigating the Adriatic

With a presence spanning over 13 regions, including key marinas across the Adriatic Sea and Central Europe, MennYacht Group has become synonymous with the distinctive allure of the Adriatic. While France, Spain, Greece, and Italy have part of the yachting scene, the Adriatic Sea harbors its own allure.

Blessed with serene waters and picturesque islands, the Adriatic offers a playground for luxury yachts to glide effortlessly. MennYacht doesn’t just sell yachts; it sells the promise of unforgettable destinations and a premier lifestyle to match based on the area they truly live.

If one takes as an example their ‘Summer breeze’ show in Kornati islands, or presence in Porto Montenegro, or stellar status and ‘Gala Yacht Ball’ at Kempinski in their home of Portorož, it is easy to see how they live in symbiosis of luxury yachting brands and environment. They always knew the best way to entertain their clients, and it is interesting to see that they share the same vision with Ferretti group organizing luxury events in most beautiful places of the Mediterranean.

Ferretti Group Brands

At the heart of MennYacht’s offerings lie the illustrious brands of the Ferretti Group – Ferretti yachts, Riva, Pershing and Itama as official dealer, and Custom Line, Wally and CRN as representative, with each brands rich heritage and distinctive character. From the timeless elegance of Riva yachts to the adrenaline-fueled exhilaration of Pershing, each vessel exudes a distinct personality and craftsmanship that epitomizes luxury on the high seas.

wallywhy100 side view

As official dealers, MennYacht brings forth not just yachts, but a lifestyle synonymous with refinement. Beyond the transactional aspect of yacht sales lies MennYacht’s commitment to unparalleled service and after-sales support. For those seeking the ultimate escape, MennYacht’s chartering services offer a passport to unrivaled luxury too.

A Positive Note for the Environment

As custodians of the sea, MennYacht Group also recognizes the importance of sustainable practices in preserving the pristine beauty of the marine ecosystem. With a firm commitment to responsible yachting, the company advocates for eco-friendly initiatives and practices, ensuring that future generations can continue to revel in the splendor of the seas. MennYacht Group works closely with organizations such as Your Sea Oasis and similar environmental movements, forging partnerships aimed at promoting marine conservation and protecting our oceans for generations to come.

MennYacht Group at the Monaco Yacht Show

We asked the president what is his secret for such a big achievements: ‘One of my best qualities is patience. Despite the financial crisis, we kept all our employees, all our offices, all our service locations. We didn’t downsize. We used the crisis to consolidate. A few years ago we joined forces with Pivatus Yachting and we became the distributer for Ferretti Yachts in Croatia as well. Today we are a Team of 53 dedicated professionals. We are considered being an important player in size of territory and coverage throughout Europe. I am proud on the awards we received for our work, in 2009 we were the best distributer Worldwide for the Ferretti Group, in 2017 we were assigned with the best dealer performance Award for Ferretti Yachts worldwide. We received many other prizes and awards including Best After Sales, Best dealer Event, Best Sales performance.’

Matjaž Murko with the vice president of the group, Janko Matušić

As MennYacht Group celebrates its 30th anniversary, it does so not just as a purveyor of luxury yachts, but as custodians of an ethos rooted in excellence, integrity, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. With eyes set on the horizon, the company continues to chart new waters, guided by the same passion and dedication that have defined its remarkable journey thus far.

Text Darko Šupuk

Photos MennYacht & Ferretti

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