Restaurant 360°

by Yachts Croatia

Restaurant 360° – Top gastronomic experience

Nestled in the heart of the walled city of Dubrovnik, Restaurant 360 offers contemporary fine dining and includes a superb wine cellar

Delicious and imaginative food coupled with a highly pleasant surrounding offering views of the ancient harbor is what makes the Restaurant 360 a luxurious oasis for even the most demanding guests. Due to guaranteed privacy and discretion the restaurant is a favorite with celebrities, but the majority of guests are still those who keep up with the culinary scene and want to try something new and different. Chef Marijo Curić creates the menu using nothing but carefully selected ingredients. Since Restaurant 360 is closed during winter, chef Marijo uses that period to visit European destinations and work with internationally renowned chefs, keep up with trends and bring innovation into 360. In the past two years the chef has worked with chefs Enrico Bartolini of Milan and Marcus Wareing of London. What distinguishes chef Marijo is his special bond with Restaurant 360: two years ago Curić took over the kitchen, bringing  in his work ethics and relentless enthusiasm for fine dining. It was the first chef of the restaurant, Gilles Camilleri, who inspired him and from whom he learned many secrets of the French cuisine. When it comes to choosing ingredients, chef Marijo will go the extra mile – personally selecting Adriatic fish, enriching his menu using local domestic ingredients and going as far as Monte Carlo to get the best Black Angus beef.


Imaginative menu in the Restaurant 360°

His cuisine can be described as Mediterranean fine dining, influenced heavily by French and Italian cuisine, with adventurous trips into innovative cooking techniques in the 360’s open kitchen. An integral part of the 360 experience is the restaurant manager and chief sommelier, Rudolf Papac. This great wine enthusiast and connoisseur lived abroad for many years and is a proud owner of several prestigious certificates, and is a skilled certified sommelier. He is directly involved with the Croatian culinary scene and follows trends with great dedication. Combining his managerial skills and love for wine, Rudi is the face of the restaurant and the one to praise for outstanding service. He personally trains all of his employees, with emphasis on instilling into each and every one of them an emotional connection to food, the restaurant and its guests – and this is exactly what makes Restaurant 360 so unique. The final detail is the restaurant’s wine cellar with over 400 labels of international wines, but focusing on Croatian regional wines. For the past three years, thanks to the Coravin technology, guests have been offered the choice of more than 70 wines by the glass, without pulling the cork.

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